You Might Not See It At First. But Once You Do, Well… Let’s Just Say You Can Never Un-See It.

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Sometimes it’s fun to pretend inanimate objects have feelings. Naming your favorite car or lucky baseball mitt makes complete sense. You know it’s just for fun. But when you see these 21 objects with faces, you’ll be completely convinced they’re alive. And have feelings. You won’t be able to unsee this faces. Outlets will never look the same again.

Cry me a river, why don’t ya.

Looks delicious!

He’s happy to protect you.

Poor little guys.

Stay strong, buddy.

Depressed display shelf struggles to deal with menial tasks.

Hey… how you doin’?

Happy Twix is happy to be eaten.


Seatbelt guy doesn’t know how to feel about this.

That’s obviously a man and not an eggplant.

Evil onion is plotting something…

Hey, play me!

This guy is way too happy.

What a grin.

Lemon slice is… hesitant.


There’s a toad in my coffee.

Pick me, PICK ME!


This rusty bucket is having a delightful day.

Now, I’m going to feel terrible every time I eat an eggplant.

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