You Won’t Believe What This Videographer Captured Above The Chicago Skyline. It’s Electrifying.

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Last week Chicago resident, and videographer Craig Shimala was working on a time lapse video of a particularly nasty storm over the city. What he managed to film was a rare occurrence: Chicago’s three tallest buildings the Willis Tower, Trump Tower, and the John Hancock Building all being struck by lightning at the same time.

In the stills from his video below you can see the unique display of bad weather lighting up the skyline.

From right to left: The Willis Tower, Trump Tower, and John Hancock Building

The fish eye version.

The gif version.

Here’s the full time lapse video of the storm. The triple strike occurs at about 0:45.

Even though a triple lightning strike is a fairly unusual thing, this is actually the second one that Shimala has caught on film. He did it first in 2010 when he was filming a similar time lapse video. You can it below.

(H/T: My Modern Met)

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