You’d Really Have To Love Where You Live To Know It Could Kill You Any Day… Kinda Like This.

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If someone were to tell me that they were living on or even near a live volcano, I’d look at them like they were crazy (because they would be). However, that’s exactly what hundreds of people are doing on the tiny Japanese island of Aogashima. Every day, they are risking their safety so that they can live at the bottom of a volcanic crater. They literally love living on the edge.

Aogashima is under Japanese control, even though its located in the Philippine Sea, which is far from the country’s capital. That’s not the strangest thing about this island, though.

This island is actually an active Class C volcano.

It hasn’t erupted since the 1780s, but when it did, it killed half of the island’s population.

It took people 50 years to return and now about 200 people live on the island.

This giant island crater is usually only accessible by boat, but there are helicopter services in the area as well.

Once children on the island get old enough, they have to leave in order to go to high school on the mainland.

There’s not much to do on the island, unless you like saunas that are created by massive amounts of geothermal heat.

Although it is beautiful, it’s hard to imagine why someone would want to live on such an isolated and dangerous island, especially with a family. It is impossible to argue taste in volcanic islands, though.


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